April 25, 2007

Things Will Be Great When We're Downtown...

So, you live way uptown, but would love to take your big dog for a walk in Central Park or along the Chelsea Piers? Up until now, you were out of luck. When being transported in public facilities, pets are supposed to be in a fully enclosed carrier. But where can you get a carrier that’s roomy enough for your big guy and safe too? Celltei® pet carriers are well-made, sturdy carriers that can carry big dogs safely and securely. In fact, it’s considered the first New York City subway carrier of its kind! Celtei® carriers can be completely enclosed, and come with a safety locking device that your pet can’t push open from the inside. Discreet designs with privacy features help keep your pet undisturbed in crowded environments and an additional external compartment is great for storing your laptop or papers too. Wheels on the carrier make zipping in and out of the subway fast and easy! Once you’ve conquered Manhattan, there’s the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island to explore. It’s like opening up a whole new world for your biggest—and best—friend!

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