May 2, 2007

Moments with Mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner and that famous trendsetting bulldog, Zelda, is at it again. In her 7th book to date, Zelda’s Moments with Mom, you can relive not only your own beloved childhood memories but your pup’s as well. Operating from the premise that “motherhood and sainthood should be synonymous,” Zelda spouts her typical blend of outspoken wit and wisdom from the uniquely bulldog perspective.

Part underdog, part philosopher and part sage, Zelda will make you roar with laughter and cry with tenderness as she takes on the sacred territory of motherhood.

It’s a perfect tribute for you from your four-legged “child,” a perfect tribute from you to your own two-legged mother, and a perfect tribute to famous moms and motherhood throughout the ages. All books are personally pawtographed by Zelda and signed by Zelda’s brilliant and creative mom herself, Carol Gardner.

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