May 18, 2007

Healthy Coats for Dogs on the Go!

If you’re the adventurous kind then chances are so is your hound. Whether your treks take you to the mountains, desert or wild city streets, protect your dog from the elements with durable, functional RuffWear coats. Make water sports safer and more secure for your best friend by choosing their K-9 Float Coat, a life jacket designed just for dogs to keep them visible and safely afloat. The Overcoat II provides the ultimate all-weather protective outwear for any outing, anywhere, in any conditions. And don’t be left in the dark: Ruffwear’s Lighted Lab Coat with Glow-in-the-Park™ technology will keep your dog safe and seen no matter where the road may lead. 

Ruffwear is unique in anticipating your outdoor needs and responding with in house designs for the most revolutionary dog gear on the planet. Take their all in-one dog walking solution called the Stow’n Go Leash™ which includes everything you need for a dog walk – leash, integrated collar, pick-up bag dispenser, and storage case. Just add Fido and stir up some fun. Add to that their dog toys, beds, bowls, packs, harnesses and more, all sturdy, handsome, rugged, and built for sports.

Don’t tell me you are out of breath and drooling already, before you two have stepped outside. You’re in the right place for great dog gear; now GET OUT! 

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