May 24, 2007

It's in the Way that You Use It

Paris has her Prada. Beyonce has her bling. Shouldn’t you and your dog or cat have your own fashion accessories that show the world you’ve got it going on? At, you’ll find the most happening fashion accessories from leading pet couture designers, including Ruff Ruff Couture, Harry Barker, Pretty-Smith Designs, Petote, Preston, Bobbi Panter, Cat’s Rule, Puppia, Dogo, along with art by Mark Durham and home accessories by Retro Pet.

And for those days that you and your pet entourage are on the go, there’s nothing quite like the dog or cat Travel Bowls. This chic pillbox purse actually opens up to reveal two stainless steel water and food bowls that easily come out of the case for cleaning. So you and your best friend can party (and eat) hearty, while looking fabulous, too!

True fashion aficionados know that to see and be seen is not the question, it’s the answer! Pet Blinkers let the world know that you and your pet are making a grand entrance, and now the party can get started. Just attach the Pet Blinker to your pet’s collar and be seen up to a half-mile away. Oh, and it works great at night too…because safety is always in style.

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