May 25, 2007

New Digs for Dogs

One of our all-time favorite sites has some irresistible new finds you have to see to believe. With summer fast approaching and temps rising, only the coolest dogs have their own dipping pools complete with a separate and constant supply of fresh drinking water. In fact, only the coolest humans have that.

If private dipping pools don’t rock your boat, how about a plush micro velvet overstuffed lounger that will soon become Rover’s favorite at home and also doubles as a travel bed, bringing the familiarity of home anywhere he goes? Or the ultraluxe rhino suede bed that cradles tired canine bods in plush comfort at the same time its front cut-out design lets older dogs and toy dogs get in with ease.

Still standing? Then take this: a chic, artistic alternative to the conventional (ugly) metal crate! Handcrafted of powder-coated wire with a hand painted glaze, these 3 creative twists on the old (and ugly) classic allow you to coordinate the decorating scheme of YOUR own den with that of your DOG’s den. Some may believe that ugly is in, or worse, that ugly is the new black. We're not buying it. But we are buying these from and we think you will, too!

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