May 29, 2007

Summer's Top Tan List

Now that summer’s here, all self-respecting bathing beauties (human and otherwise) are heading outdoors in droves. Throwing caution to the wind, they put their long winter confinement behind them, rushing out to soak up the summer sun, to feel the wind in their hair, to run freely along the beach, to splash and swim in the waves, and to generally celebrate the great outdoors. “Not so fast!” we say. What about sun damage?

Unable to apply his own sunscreen, due to the lack of an opposable thumb, Rover depends on you to protect his skin from harmful UV rays, just like you protect your own. Now there’s an SPF 15 Sunscreen formulated specifically to protect and moisturize canine skin and coats, not to mention those very cute little pink noses. Because Fido and Fifi are counting on you to pack it for them.

And while you’re at it, protect those big brown dog eyes from harmful UV rays, too, with Doggles. And get this: they not only make dog sunglasses; they now offer matching shades for YOU! Because best friends don’t let best friends get too much sun.

N.B. Avoid spraying sunscreen directly on your dog’s face. Around eyes and noses, spray your hand or a soft cloth and wipe on.

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