May 30, 2007

No More Jerks!

Wacky Walk'rs turn the concept of a dog lead on its head with ergonomic design and the use of 100% natural rubber tubing just like the tubing used to create resistance in your daily fitness regimen (you DO have one, don’t you??). Its genius lies in being flexible where traditional leads are rigid: the tubing absorbs a dog’s jerking and pulling movements, which minimizes stress on both you and Fido.

There is one to suit every dog. The four sizes correspond to your dog’s weight. They make 14 outrageous colors from basic black to fun fluorescents and pastels. Plus, Wacky Walk'r sells not only the standard Wacky Walk'r for rural use, but also the Urban for about town, the Crazy Coupl'r for two dogs and the Stubb'r for larger, more powerful dogs.

Quite pleased with ourselves at having addressed the “jerk” factor in the relationship between you and your dog, we now turn that same relentless drive and obsessive attention to resolving the ‘jerk’ factor in romantic relationships. But, we’re not making any promises!

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