June 4
, 2007

InfraRed Rover

It’s not child’s play and we’re not playing games when we tell you that Fauna Sauna is the first and only pet heater to offer safe, healing radiant heat for dogs, cats, and other household animals. Created in consultation with veterinarians and already the recipient of several prestigious awards, it offers a natural alternative to drugs to improve the health of sick animals, or to just provide general warmth and comfort.

We humans have used infrared heat for years to heal pain and stiffness. Now, for the first time, the benefits of its deep, penetrating heat can help our best furry friends, too.

In other words, whether Rover is faking injury in a desperate plea for TLC or, at the other end of the spectrum, putting on a brave front in the face of severe pain…Fauna Sauna can help either way.

Fact is, Fauna Sauna reduces pain and stiffness (as in arthritis, joint, or other injuries); clears skin irritations (as in hot spots); speeds wound healing; reduces stress and anxiety; provides gentle warmth for pups and kittens; reduces or eliminates the need for expensive drugs; and more.



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