June 4
, 2009

Kissy Face Pet Facial

Are you a spa girl? If so, you’ll want the Kissy Face Pet Facial for uber-pampered dogs and cats. Made with natural ingredients, this gentle, tear-free, liquid is all-in-one cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliant for protecting sensitive skin and rejuvenating even the most hardworking furball’s youthful glow.

If your pet needs to get her glam on for a big night on the town, you’ll note that it reduces tear and beard stains, leaving fur and hair shiny and clean. The light scent is a calming mixture of coconut, vanilla and blueberry, sure to entice not only any unsuspecting humans but also their discerning scent-sational pets.

One 8-oz. bottle lasts through more than 100 applications, and regular use keeps faces “kissy face” clean.

Among the miracle-working ingredients are distilled water and moisturizing (gentle vanilla, Chinese kiwi, mallow extract and white tea), antimicrobial (soothing coconut), exfoliant (cleansing blueberry), antioxidant (Vitamin E) and antibacterial (ginger root extract) agents.

Don’t leave home without it, fur you’ll be sorry!



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