June 5, 2007

Feeling Bashful?

When Hollywood dogs and cats need shaping up, who do Hollywood insiders call? Bash Dibra, one of the most famous animal trainers in the country. Now he’ll show anyone (i.e., YOU) how to make your little sweetheart into America’s Sweetheart—i.e., a disciplined, well-behaved superstar pet.

Ironically for the bashful pet parent, either the kind overcome with stage fright, OR the kind embarrassed by her pet’s shenanigans in general, the solution is the same: get even more Bash-Full by loading up on Bash Dibra’s surefire tips. He’s got several outstanding books and DVDs on dog and cat behavior, which handle ordinary everyday problems such as marking, aggression, housetraining, begging, and more.

But what about those of you whose pet is anything but ordinary or everyday? Those of you angling to become the Stage Moms of tomorrow’s Superstar Pet? Now Bash’s newest tome, StarPet offers simple, easy-to- follow instructions for teaching our four-legged friends to act just like the prime-time primadonnas that Bash has trained for network television.

For Daily Kibble readers alone, Bash is offering a free bag of treats with every order from BashDibra.com. So, get Bash-Full and proud of Rover’s accomplishments at the same time!

Just enter the words “Daily Kibble” at checkout to get your free bag of treats.


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