June 8, 2007

Eco-Friendly Revolution or Evolution?

Take one step to help the environment. Put your best paw forward to recycle. We all want to, at least in theory, but what about life’s little luxuries? Westpawdesign has figured out how to marry good citizenship with luxury pet goods by creating a series of eco-friendly dog beds and toys out of an unlikely reusable resource: recycled soda pop bottles!

Think of it this way—from the mouth of a soda pop drinker to the mouth of your dog, the plastic bottle can now enjoy 9 lives. Both the stuffing and fabric in these toys are made of recycled soda pop bottles. In the beds, stuffing is the same but covers are 100% organic cotton. Believe it or not, the result is an unbelievably soft, plush, luxurious feel, in several styles and beautiful colors.

A revolution in design and comfort. Evolution of a product. Evolution of a civilized society. A revolution in manufacturing. Being responsible to the next generation, whether four-legged or two. Whatever you call it, we give it two paws up!


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