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June 13
, 2007

The Way to Your Dog's Heart...

Is through his stomach! Scooter Food is fast becoming a sensation among those lucky dogs whose owners believe in serving wholesome veggies, human-grade meat, fish and vegetarian proteins plus organic fiber and omega-3/6 fat sources to their favorite furbabies.

Choose among 5 fresh, nutritious meals that sound more like the fare at a trendy health food eatery than your dog’s bowl: chicken with veggies, liver with veggies and quinoa, beef heart with veggies, salmon with veggies, and tofu with veggies and lentils. Even their treats boast liver, organic brewer’s yeast, organic spelt flour, organic oats, walnuts, honey, eggs, and olive oil as ingredients.

Healthy. Delicious. Human-grade. Home cooked. Convenient and easy. Does it get any better? The Scooter Food container can be used as a traveling bowl, making it perfect for trips! (Hint. Hint.)

Because in addition to living the good life, your pup wants his vacation, too.

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