June 15
, 2007

Get on the Bagwagon

Admit it. We hate carrying that bag of doody. We enjoy walking our dogs, seeing (some) neighbors, and having a quiet moment to ourselves. Fido gets with the program, does his biz, and you, good citizen, scoop it up with bags you carry just for such occasions. Suddenly, everything changes: you are now holding a warm, smelly bag you can’t wait to unload.

Just then, your phone rings or a friend stops to chat…you are still holding that *%#&! bag. Awkward. Uncomfortable. Unpleasant. Smelly.

Abolish such moments forever with Doody-Dangler, a brilliant new invention that costs less than a cup of designer coffee. It carries the load while your hands stay free. It secures to any leash (including retractables) and works every time. The Doody Dangler won’t annoy owners or dogs.

So get on the bagwagon! Millions are dangling rather than holding. And loving it because it really works!


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