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June 20, 2007

Turnabout Is Fair Play

Yesterday, we alerted you to National Take Your Pet to Work Day, coming up on Friday, June 22. A unique opportunity to show your best friend exactly what you do all day, which is why we urged you, “Take him to work.”

On the other hand, maybe the real revelation lies in you seeing exactly what HE does all day. Because we know you wonder. What goes on at home while you are out working your tail off, so to speak. Hmmmmmm. He’s alone, all day, unsupervised. Is he obeying house rules? How much does he sleep? And where? When does he eat? And what? Does he bark and how much? Does he live it up, or become a couch potato?

With the new AT&T Remote Monitor, you can see exactly what he’s up to! View live color video or get alerts (via text or email) when motion sensors are triggered. You can even turn appliances and lights on or off. Access your Remote Monitor anytime anywhere from a PC or web-enabled cell phone.

Because turnabout is fair play. And because it’s important to stay connected.

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