June 27, 2007

Balancing Act

If you’ve ever tried to cook homemade, well-balanced food for your dog or cat, you know it’s a jungle out there. Tons of recipes, but developed by whom? And with what, if any, credentials? Do they even know the first thing about animal nutrition? Plus, do they even consider that the dietary needs of a Chihuahua may differ from those of a Great Dane, or that those of an elder cat may differ from a kitten’s?

Balance IT® makes the confusion, conflicting info, and misinformation a thing of the past! You’ll instantly create custom recipes for your dog or cat using common human foods, just by selecting a protein and carbohydrate source from their list and letting them tweak it to suit your pet’s age, size, and weight.

All recipes have been created by a team of board certified veterinary nutritionists (meaning a veterinarian with specialized training in animal nutrition). Talk about credentials!

Each recipe can be made with either a combination of human mineral and vitamin supplements or their all-in-one patent pending Balance IT® supplements.

Now if they could just figure out a way to balance the rest of my life . . .


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