June 29
, 2007

Paw (or Claw) Painting

Of course, your dog’s a genius, but is he a budding Pup-casso as well? Is there a budding Lion-ardo da Vinci under all that cat fur? The world’s first no mess, non-toxic paint kit for dogs and cats is one way to know for sure.

It’s fun, creative, unique, interactive, and a hit at any pet party. For pets of all ages, sizes, and stripes.

Paint kit contains non-toxic acrylic paint, paper, paw protectors, picture frame, and surprise gift for your pet. Whatever masterpiece your Fur-meer creates can be displayed as artwork or made into wearables for you and your pet.

Unleash your pet’s inner Mutt-isse, Pic-catso, Mark Ruffko, de Coon-ing, Kat-dinsky, Giaco-mutti, Modogliani or Dogas.

Whatever Clawed Monet creates will undoubtedly turn the art world on its head.


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