June 29
, 2009

Cat’s (or Dog’s) Cradle

The Smucci™ Manger Bed mimics an antique cradle, reminiscent of the original nativity scene. Made from knotty and distressed pine, its dark earthy stain and authentic design captures a time…long, long ago.

In olden days, handfuls of soft hay were carefully arranged in a cradle, for the coziest and warmest nesting. Artfully replicated, the custom Smucci™ Hay Fabric pillow rests languidly within the Manger Bed, and surrounds your furbabe in a comforting hug.

The custom fabrics are 100% tri-polyester and completely washable. The bed pillow is made from Smucci Hay Fabric, chocolate brown faux mink, and 3 rows of fringe, then filled with fluffy faux down. It only gets better and softer with repeated washings.

For those who wouldn’t have it any other way!



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