July 2
, 2007

Table Matters

If your dog gobbles his food, could stand to lose a few pounds, or vomits after eating because he inhales instead of chews his food, get him the Eat Better™ Bowl. The wishbone design in the middle naturally slows him down and fosters better digestion. If he’s overweight, slower eating allows him to feel full on less food.

If he gulps his water, vomits after drinking, makes a soggy mess of himself and the floor, get him the Drink Better™ Bowl. Its unique floater restricts the amount of water flowing out at any given time and keeps his ears and muzzle from direct contact with the water. Healthier drinking habits, dry ears and muzzle, cleaner floors.

The real reasons to buy them: gorgeous design, beautiful colors and non-slip. And because manners matter.

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