July 3, 2007

Selfishly Selfless

We heard what you were trying to tell us: you live to know the latest must-haves for your pet, but every once in a while you get the itch to buy something for YOURSELF instead. Enter agathaandlouise, offering an endless array of options for petlovers.

We all know people who get home from work expecting Fido to dutifully bring them their slippers. “No problem,” says Fido, “as long as the slippers you want delivered are elegantly adorned with a needlepoint portrait of my breed.”

We all know people who lavish more attention and affection on their cars than they do on the family dog. To which Fido says, “I can live with that, as long as you adorn that beloved car with a fabulous cast bronze hood ornament of me, just like the ones that adorn the vehicles of the British Royal Family.”

We all know people who can’t get enough of doggie this and doggie that. Fido says, “Knock yourself out. has everything a dog lover could dream of—coasters, caps, plates, charms, socks, bags, neckties, house signs, hood ornaments, boxer shorts, you-name-it.”

Fido would never begrudge you that.

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