July 5, 2007

Furst Aid Kit

Whoever coined the phrase, “Prevention is worth a hound of cure,” must have had this pet furst aid kit in mind. Compact yet comprehensive, it includes the necessary essentials to treat and transport your dog in case of emergency.

The ballistic nylon case has internal pockets, webbing handle and carrying loops, first aid booklet, gauze pads, trauma pad, bandage, stretch gauze, latex gloves, scissors, forceps, swabs, bottle of eye/skin wash, hydrocortisone and antibiotic creams, powdered styptic, antiseptic towelettes and more.

Being true pack animals, loyal to their own, the dogs insisted we inform you that all kit contents work equally well for human first aid.

Leave it to man’s best friend to come up with a gift you ostensibly buy for them, all the while secretly knowing it’s for you.


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