July 13, 2007

Luxurious with a Capital L!

Today's most fashion-conscious pooch (and his or her owner) simply must saunter over to Here, you'll find the latest, most cutting-edge, most luxurious fashion trends from across the globe. Pampered pets like yours will love being wrapped up in extra soft bathrobes, monogrammed plush towels, hand-knit sweaters or even a classic denim dress that goes with just about anything.

For those red-carpet events check out a stunning array of one-of-a-kind evening attire that is guaranteed to knock your Prada shoes off! And of course the jewelry—oh yes, the jewelry! Pawnique offers more bling than Rodeo Drive on a Saturday night. Plus, toys and travel accessories and everything else your diamond-studded heart desires—including genuine Swarovski Crystal accented collars and hair barrettes.

Dawling—this stuff is to die for!

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