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July 14, 2011

Welcome to Daily Kibble's 2011 Summer Gift Guide

Not Your Ordinary Bath Robe

Leave it to the fur pros at FURminator to come up with a great solution to drying your pet. The FUR Dry is a microfiber wrap, available in five sizes, for your just-shampooed dog (or after a swim or walk in the rain). Even after you’ve done your best to towel off or air dry your pup, it’s still tough to get her completely dry. So let her lounge around in the FUR Dry wrap and the remaining moisture will be whisked away into the wrap, not left on the carpet or couch—thereby avoiding that lovely eau de ‘wet pooch.’

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A Retractable Leash and Comfy Harness to Match

There’s nothing like a good harness, especially for little dogs. For superb fit, comfort, and sweet style, the Avant Garde Couture Princess harness fits the bill. Made of light, rain-resistant material, it features a reinforced D-ring built right in for leash attachment, and a super easy-to-secure strap around the neck and waist.

Better still, it matches the Avant Garde Couture Princess Retractable Leash! Style your little one in black polka dots, a big pink heart, and the comfy, rockin’ style of the Avant Garde Couture Princess collection.

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Hitch a Ride, Little Doggy!

Beep beep! Cute alert! The Mommy Bus is the most adorable mode of transportation for your little fur ball. Shaped like a little black bus (with jewels for headlights!), the Mommy Bus is both comfy and spacious, yet easy for you to carry, with its double straps. Pets up to 15 lbs. will travel safely, in style, with mesh windows all around and easy access top entry. And the wheels aren’t just wheels— they’re zippered treat holders! A zippered pouch along the side provides room for your essentials, too.

The Problem Skin Solution Kit

If Fido has itchy or irritated skin, the DERMagic Essentials kit offers a complete and natural, healing system. Start with the Organic DERMagic Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil Organic Shampoo Bar for a thorough clean, then apply DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion for fast, effective relief. The DERMagic Hot Spot Salve can be applied directly to hot spots, minor wounds, insect bites, or itchy, inflamed skin.

The DERMagic Essentials kit represents a 25% savings over purchasing the items individually. Supplies are limited so order today!

The No-Cone Zone!

Does Bailey have a boo-boo? Skip the misery of the cone-head approach and get your fur baby a BooBooLoon instead. This alternative to that dreaded, hard plastic cone will fit comfortably around pup’s neck and can be inflated just enough to keep him safely away from his boo-boo but relaxed and stress-free, as well. No blocking of his vision or neck jolts from banging into doorways, either.

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Together, WE are the Cure for Canine Cancer

Be Fashionable AND Philanthropic during the Dog Days of Summer, because "Pink is Cool!"

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is offering a special mix and match deal saving you over 35%. Choose between their exclusive Pink Paw Hat or Visor and a Tee or Tank Top AND get 2 "We Are The Cure" cups complete with lid and straws; perfect for Pawgaritas by the pool.

So many choices, it's like having too many tennis balls in front of you, all helping fund canine cancer research. Just enter "Daily Kibble" at checkout.

A Sweet and Sleepy Goodnight Ritual

Say ‘nighty-night’ to your fur angel with a Bedtime Bones snack. Organic and totally natural, these healthy treats have the added benefit of chamomile, for a soothing, relaxing effect on Fido. Create your own sweet nighttime ritual for you and pup by ending the day with a Bedtime Bones treat.

Family Jewels...Something for Everyone
Share the fun of beautiful neckwear with your pet at Beasty Bling. Semi-precious stones, precious metals, rare beads, vintage objects, and great design comprise their collection of neckwear for pets (and matching versions for people, in neckwear and wristwear). Show up with Fido at your next pet friendly soiree in matching jewelry for a bit of head-turning fun.

Sushi Toys, No Wasabi Required!

Next time you’re headed out for sushi, go guilt-free by leaving your pet with his own  chef’s combo plate! Sushi Pups sushi-shaped plush dog toys are irresistably cute to both pets and their sushi-loving guardians. Whether sushi, maki, or hand roll, let Fifi and Fido enjoy their own sushi dinner. No wasabi or ginger required!

Buy any Sushi Pups set and get one individual piece toy (chef’s choice) FREE. Click here.

A Custom Pet Bowl to Cherish

Create a precious, work-of-art pet bowl for your own fur baby, or as a gift, and it will be treasured forever! Debby Carman of Faux Paw Productions will use your photo to inspire a whimsical, adorable painting on a hand-thrown, non-toxic, dishwasher safe, ceramic dog bowl.  Find more of her sweet artwork on cookie jars, urns, trivets, sculptures, books, and paintings.

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Fur Free with FURminator

Did you know that FURminator® deShedding tools are the only tools GUARANTEED to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake, or comb? Make a date with your pet, once a week, for a relaxing session of grooming with the FURminator. Whether your pet is a canine or feline, long fur or short, small or large, you’ll find the perfect FURminator tool for dealing with shedding. That means less fur balls for kitty, less fur around the house, and less time spent brushing. Nothing beats a FURminator!

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The Core of Great Nutrition

Great health starts with great nutrition, and it doesn't get any better than Wellness CORE. Based on the raw feeding philosophy of high-quality meat comprising the bulk of a pet's diet, Wellness CORE has purposefully chosen ingredients that your healthy pup needs to stay that way: high but not extreme levels of protein, grain free, controlled minerals, a blend of fruits, vegetables, phytonutrients, antioxidants and omega 6 and 3s. And of course, you won't find any wheat, wheat gluten, soy, dairy, corn or artificial ingredients: just the best possible nutrition in three tasty formulas.

A Climbing Paradise for Kitty

What kitty would not love this? Finally available in the US, the Cat’s Trapeze is a climbing paradise for cats. Perfect for rest (in a two pillow or three pillow version) and play (hours of climbing fun), the Trapeze hangs from above and allows your kitty the joy of climbing without damaging your curtains. The bottom level has a cozy hammock and each of the upper levels has a soft, cuddly pillow. Enjoy, sweet felines!

Simply Pure and Clean

The soap-free, tear-free, coconut-based shampoo+conditioner from Pure Pooch is not only pleasant for pooch, they’re safe and gentle, so you can use them every bath time, worry-free. They’re environmentally sound, too (every Pure Pooch formulation is biodegradable). With three formulas to pick from (Calm & Gentle, Really Clean, and Bright & White), Pure Pooch will make bath time a safe and healthy experience for you and pup.

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Pet Places

Shopping together is bonding together, so why not bring your dog along as you discover the best pet gifts this summer? Use the Pet Places tool from to search for local pet gift stores, then head out with your best bud for a summer spree. When your gift-finding mission is over, rate your experience, write a review, and search for the next Pet Place on your list—the dog beach!

Don’t Put Fido in the Car Without This

Ever take Fido for a ride in the car? Then don’t leave home without a Too Hot for Spot Car Safety Thermometer! This ingenius product will let you know what the temperature is inside your car.  Just adhere the decal-style thermometer to the inside of your vehicle’s window and you’ll be able to clearly see how hot or how cold it is inside your car. It’s even readable from outside the car, so you’ll be helping educate others about just how hot it can get inside a car.

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Paw Prints and Diamonds

Andrea Levine Designs creates elegant jewelry and accessories for pets AND people. For pooches and their fashionable guardians, find lizard skin collars and leads, with matching bracelets. In jewelry, paw prints and dog breed shapes are encrusted with diamonds.

Daily Kibble readers get a special deal on the Andrea Levine Designs Stainless Steel large bangle paw print design. This unisex bracelet won’t tarnish or bend. Regularly $39.95, it’s only $29.95 for Daily Kibble subscribers. Just enter DKSUMMER at checkout. Expires August 15, 2011.

Doggy Doo-ings

Giggles aside, the next time Fido has a soft stool, you’ll be glad to have a can of Poop Freeze on hand. This aerosol (but CFC-free) spray will frost the poop, indoors or out, so that it’s easy to scoop. Just frost and toss.

If Fido’s feeling a bit ‘windy,’ neutralize the odor with the Dog Fart Terminator. Its clean, fresh scent will help erase his digestive fumes.

The Mailman: Fido’s New Best Friend

If lugging a 30-pound bag of dog food from store to car and car to home isn’t the highlight of your weekend, it’s time to try Pet Flow. For the seriously convenience-minded, Pet Flow offers home delivery of just about every brand of pet food (and lots of toys and treats, too). Just select Bailey’s favorite brand, choose your delivery schedule, and for just a $4.95 shipping cost (no matter how much you buy!), her food will arrive like clockwork.

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