July 16, 2007

P (Pee) on Q (Cue)

Your cat is no Evil Kneivel, however he or she just might be able to pull off this extraordinary stunt if given the Feline Evolution CatSeat® Cat Toilet Training System, the healthy (and convenient) alternative to the ordinary litter-box. Recommended by veterinarians and leading pet health care professionals, the CatSeat® prevents your cat(s) from touching and tracking dirty litter. Translation: Hygenic.

\The CatSeat® may be used on the floor or on the toilet. Cleanup is simply a 'lift and toss' of the self-closing disposable bag. Translation: Convenient. Ingenious. Definitely-the-do.

Kit includes mounting instructions, training guide, CD video, and an 800 number that provides help as needed. Translation: Easy as pie.

Plus, a 30-day money back guarantee! However, the guarantee doesn't cover the probability that you may stumble into the bathroom in the wee hours only to face a grossly offended Siamese on the toilet. Translation: You're on your own…

P.S. CatSeat® comes with 30 bags which is typically enough for the training process. Extra Bags are available.

Bragging rights and freedom from litter forever: Priceless.

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