July 18, 2007

Opa! Pure Sterling for Your Little Star-ling!

When it comes to an absolute gorgeous collection of the finest sterling silver pet jewelry that is sure to please and protect (keep reading, we’ll explain soon)—Greece is the word! The company is called Love Paw ( HYPERLINK "" and everything about them is inspired by the romantic beauty and rich history of Greece. (And why not? The owner/artist is born and raised in Athens.)

Choose from exotic design collections created with the exotic Greek Gods in mind including Apollo, Aphrodite and the mighty Zeus. Each unique piece is adorned with an authentic "good luck eye" glass bead pendant, inspired by a 3000 year-old ancient Mediterranean belief that protection and luck will be brought to all who wear it. A great way to scare off the evil eye!

Plus, check out the "good luck eye" wine glass markers and cell phone charms and handmade bracelets—all designed for human consumption! Products handcrafted in Greece.

Click on to Opa!

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