July 24, 2007

Mind Your (Canine) Pees and Cues

Proper Petiquette.
In today’s dog-eat-dog social climbing world, a dog can’t be too careful about protocol. And neither can the dog owner. After all, there’s more to good breeding than just bone structure. And, taking our cue from certain ill-behaved celebs, we’ve learned that a cultured pup has nothing to do with pup culture.

With pets living large, attending charity events and parties, boarding private jets, and sporting glamorous threads from the likes of Burberry, Gucci, and Vuitton, instinct is on the decline. Proper petiquette, however, is on the rise.

Charlotte Reed’s new book teaches pet owners how to apply social convention to everyday life with a dog, an increasingly important consideration in today’s dog-as family-member lifestyle. The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette is the ulti-mutt last word for today’s Ulti-Mutts and their people.

Think the canine equivalent of using the wrong fork. The shame of an improper sniff of the butt. Doggish ways just don’t cut it at the swankiest, attended by the swells.

Whether your dog and lifestyle are swanky or earthbound, you’ll find Reed’s concrete practical advice essential for living comfortably with both your dog and your neighbors. Get it. Or risk committing the dreaded faux-paw.


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