July 24
, 2009

Aroma Thera-paw

Want chemical free dog grooming products, including all natural dog shampoo and conditioner in 8 amazing fragrances? Consider a line of uber-luxurious, all natural, safe, earth friendly and extensive variety: Aroma Paws.

They make shampoo, conditioner, deodorizing coat spray, paw conditioning treatment, fur conditioner and Pawfume (organic doggie perfume for Diva dogs!).  You’ll be wooed and wowed with flavors the likes of honeysuckle jasmine violet, French lavender chamomile, mandarin green tea with ginger, geranium orchid peony sage, and many other fragrances that are sure to please the most discriminating “nose” be it human or canine.

If you want truly amazing and indulgent products that are safe and earth conscious, look no further.

And for the philanthropic among us, Aroma Paws is committed to donating a percentage of its proceeds to worthwhile causes, so there’s a Charity Submission Form for helping the smaller "grass roots" charities in our communities that many times need the most help.



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