July 25, 2007

Bully for You!

Overworked? Overstressed? Beleaguered? Bedraggled? Down in the dumps? Well, banish your woes with Bullyware’s Auntie-Depression gear for small dogs. This collection is so clever, so hip, so stylin’ it’ll give your dog’s street cred an immediate shot in the arm. In uplifting clockwork orange and acid test green with ultra-hip artwork.

Face it: Dogs are the best anti-depressants and pain relievers out there! They reduce stress, induce laughter, raise hell, lower blood pressure, boost happiness, and increase self esteem. The Auntie-Depression collection says all that via doggie apparel.

Indications: For those who can, at times, be a pill. Rx: Apply one T-shirt daily for best results.

bullywareny.com (see their entire product line)

P.S. While there, be sure to check out their Antie-War, Antie Fur, and (for plastic surgery afficionados) Auntie Gravity duds.

Shop at roccoandjezebel.com

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