July 27, 2007

Never Forget Fido's Food Again!

So, you’ve packed up the car with bathing suits, shovels and pails for the kids, more clothes than a family of 20 could ever use, and snacks for the road. But wait…did you forget Fido’s food—or dish, or both—again? With the Store-N-Feed To Go Portable Pet Feeder, you’ll always have just what you need to keep Fido well fed and happy on your outdoor travels. This doggie diner/cooler features a food and water bowl, with a storage compartment for their food as well as yours. Shoulder strap for easy transport plus a place to keep everything else you might need for your outdoor adventures, including toys, water, bags and more.

Perfect for camping, fishing, hiking or a day at the beach with your best buddy in tow!

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