August 3, 2007

Doggie Bags the New 'IT' Purses?

For those who absolutely must leave the real thing at home from time to time comes an ultra-realistic stuffed toy/purse version of your favorite breed. These oh-so-lifelike fuzzy renditions ease your separation from Fido, are surefire crowd pleasers, and make a fashion statement all at the same time.

Longtime favorites of celebs (we can’t mention names) enduring hardships (i.e., movie shoots) on location around the globe, puppy purses come in 18 breeds, with collar, engraveable dog tag, your choice of strap, and ample zippered silk pouch for your keys, wallet, phone, and more.

Need a little “look-at-me” boost? Get the larger size (available in some breeds). For a more subtle approach try a Noggin, the same cuteness factor in a keychain. For dog lovers from 3 to 93, kids, and kids at heart!

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