August 6, 2007

Spot's Spots: Now You See Them, Now You Don't

Pets forage, roll, play, run and dig, all on the ground. Natural and organic lawn products are not only healthier for us and the environment, but also especially better for kids and pets (because their skin often comes into direct contact with the ground). The Organic Farm Store, known for organic fertilizers, has developed a new pet product line called Close to Naturenow, made of only 100% certified organic, all natural, and chemical-free materials.

Their Dog Spot Eliminator combats dead spots on your lawn caused by animal urine. Pretreat your dog’s favorite spots or apply it over the entire lawn to reduce the intensity of future spots-to-be. In winter, it neutralizes salt burns caused by ice melting products (e.g., around sidewalks and driveways). All without harmful chemicals.

Gone. Like magic.

P.S. Cat lovers will dig their new cat litter, made of soybean meal and granulated potato starch, completely flushable, biodegradable, safe, and great at odor control.

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