August 9, 2007

The Turtle and the Hare-y

Don’t let your pet fall in the pool or off the boat. Even dogs and cats that can swim will drown within minutes if they can’t get out of the water. Sadly, more than 5,000 dogs drown in the family pool every year.

We understand that supervision fails, especially when your day demands more than just lounging poolside “supervising” a pet. Sometimes, even the most conscientious pet lover must answer the phone, tend to kids, powder her nose, whip up margarita refills, cater to poolside guests, or plate the canapés for visiting dignitaries aboard the yacht. That’s where the Safety Turtle comes in; it can save your pet’s life.

Just clip one on your pet’s collar and it sounds an alert if the pet falls overboard or in the pool. Because the turtle beats any hare-y situation.

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