August 16, 2007

Fashion's Gone to the Dogs

Traditionally the fashion industry unveils its haute couture in tents along Bryant Park as celebs and fahionistas descend in droves amid hordes of paparazzi for a firsthand glimpse. But where do pets go for a four-legged version of the same?

To Pet Fashion Week, of course! Last year’s inaugural event drew almost 1500 petlovers to cutting edge exhibits, design awards, and fabulous runway shows. Check out this year’s showcase of pet couture, jewelry, accessories, toys, collars, leashes, treats, bedding, fragrances, grooming products, and specialty items.

You’ll see the likes of models (e.g., Kate Paws, Elle McFierceson) and movie stars (e.g., Sharon Bone, BitMe Spears, Gimme Moore) lining the front rows. You simply must go, daahhhling!

Check out some of Daily Kibble’s favorites, Andrea Levine Jewelry (P121), Animals Matter, Inc. (P113) and Sherpa's Pet Trading Co. (P105).

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