August 24, 2007

Glad to Be in the Dog House

Remember when being in the Dog House was a bad thing? Well, since 1996, it’s been nothing but good. That’s because The Dog House opened in New York City that year for a lucky few, until word spread and The Dog House NYC became a professional service in 1999.

Imagine not worrying that Fido or Fifi has been sitting home all day, bored out of their minds and gnawing on your furniture. Or picture a vacation where you weren’t sick with worry that your beloved pet was home alone most of the day until your neighbor ran in, dropped some kibble in a bowl and ran out. The Dog House NYC offers individual walks, playgroups, and almost-home boarding, and they boast that they have more smiling dogs than any other service.

So next time you’re stuck at work or off on that dream vacation, you can relax, knowing that your dog is in The Dog House…and she’s smiling right now.

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