August 25
, 2009

What’s Your Pooch’s IQ?

The Pooch IQ Kit is a first-of-its-kind tool that lets you accurately test your pooch's intelligence level while providing loads of fun for your dog!

Its 15 mentally stimulating exercises yield a canine IQ that’s sure to surprise you! Almost everyone is surprised by their dog's reaction to at least one (and usually more) of the exercises, which test skills such as the ability to learn from experience, short term memory, persistence, ability to see similarities, ability to see patterns, problem-solving, and more.

Seeing your pup’s thought processes up close is not only fascinating, but also offers you a deeper glimpse into his personality and behavior.  And Poochie will LOVE the process for keeping his mind active and his life interesting. And when he’s done, he’ll have plenty of new toys to keep him entertained for years to come.

Now, the real question: Are you smart enough to get this for him?

Pooch IQ Kit


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