August 28
, 2007

Dog Food for Life!

Aren’t dogs wonderful? They help lower our blood pressure just by letting us pet them; they get us outside for walks and teach us how to act like children all over again. Wouldn’t it be great if we could help them as easily as they help us? Well, we can—by feeding them food that hasn’t been over-processed, drained of valuable nutrients and tainted by chemicals and additives (that dog food recall that struck fear into the hearts of dog lovers everywhere wasn’t so long ago).

When you order from K9 Cuisine, you’ll not only get quick, courteous service, but also healthy, high-quality food and treats that don’t contain additives or preservatives, or ingredients that may otherwise be harmful to your dog. Many of the brands they carry use human-grade ingredients, so your beloved pet gets the best quality food that’s tasty, too.

It’s dog food that adds life to their years and years to their life—because they’re worth it!

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