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September 4, 2007

What's in a Name?

A lot, if your name happens to be! Need we say more? We couldn’t resist and neither will you. This is one personal products company that takes “all-natural” very seriously. No synthetics or harsh, drying agents. Only the purest of the pure.

So try the dog shampoo and paw balm for your best friend. And while you’re at it, scrub your own, with body balms, exfoliants, bath washes, novelty soaps, bath melts, herbal wraps, and more. Because where soft skin is concerned, there’s nothing softer than a baby’s, ahem…butt.

There’s even a heatable catnip toy so no family member need be left out.

Because human, canine, and feline alike will enjoy the good, clean, family fun at It’s only natural.

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