September 7, 2007

The Paws that Refreshes!

Nothing beats ice cream on a hot summer day. History suggests its origins may have appeared as early as the 4th century A.D. The Roman Emperor Nero is said to have sent servants racing up into the mountains for fresh snow, which they then rushed back down to him at the palace before it could melt, and topped off with fresh fruit. Some claim Marco Polo brought it from ancient China to Europe. Truly the stuff of legends.

Now, a mere 2400 years later, there’s a canine version your dog will love. Contenders include Frosty Paws frozen treats, Chilly Dawgs, and Pedigree’s ice cream sandwiches (for the lactose intolerant pooches among us).

Think how far we’ve come in just 24 centuries! You can order these doggie treats online or find them in stores near you (via the websites below).

Way more convenient than sending servants racing up and down mountains behind Rome!




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