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September 12
, 2019

When Silver Gets the Gold

Have you ever heard of Fauna Care healing sprays? It's high time you add one of these to your arsenal of pet care products for your beloved pooch! The most popular one among pet parents is the Silver Spray. It'll cut down on the amount of time it takes to heal wounds, cuts, burns, post-operation ouchies, dermatitis, abrasions, and hot spots. It doesn't sting or run when sprayed. Why is that? Because this remarkable touchless spray contains very little water and is free from irritating preservatives, surfactants, alcohol, or fragrances. It's so easy to apply and will cause zero discomfort. The special Silver/Zinc combination in the solution stops bacteria and fungi while providing a deodorizing layer of protection. It's simply a must-have for any and all pet owners, and it gets the gold!

You know what's super cool? When you buy a Fauna Care product, know that you are also helping to "spray it forward." That means that the company is dedicated to contributing product and funding to care givers in need. That's right! Somewhere, you'll also be helping a stray dog in a shelter heal fast and easy. Hooray for this spray!

Fauna Care Silver Spray

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