September 15
, 2009

Light of Your Life (and Poochie’s)

He’s the light of your life, so let him light your way with puplight, the adjustable “flashlight” worn like a collar.

In a word: Brilliant!

Seriously, the U.S. Secret Service uses it. So whether your dog is on a leash or walking alone, he’ll both see and be seen. Literally.

Puplight is visible for up to a mile, meaning drivers can spot Spot. Keep him safe, find him if he runs off at night, look where you are stepping and what you both might be stepping into (!), even help dogs with poor vision.

A great gift! For dog or human use.

And of course, we know what’s of utmost importance: it comes in blue, red, silver and black.

Buy PupLights at Amazon.com


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