September 16
, 2009

Great Gifts for Yours, Mine and Others’

Barking World has great gifts for special occasions, or just because…all bursting with fab products (shampoos, toys, blankets, bowls and more) to let dogs know we think the world of them.

New puppy? The Puppy Duffel makes baby’s arrival a little easier and a lot more fun with tearless shampoo, a medical history record, puppy training book, crunchy treats and 3 perfect puppy toys.

Grooming? Make it a bonding experience with the Spa-Tote, filled to the brim with oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, micro fiber mitts, natural wood and bristle brush, minty rope for oral hygiene, aroma-therapy soy candle for luxury, and crunchy treats for the height of indulgence.

And for sleepovers, Fido’s ready in an instant with the Overnight Bag’s shearling blanket, stainless steel bowl, herbal towelettes, plush toy, minty rope and treats. Comfort in a kit.

Enjoy the journey of pet ownership because “the (Barking) World is Fido’s playground.”



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