September 19, 2007

Chatterboxes on Chatterbowl

Trust Fund Baby: I love staying home all day with my pet, eating bonbons and solving problems, such as world peace…and whiter teeth. Still, not much happens day in day out inside my tiny (yet extremely well-appointed) apartment and I would enjoy getting out.

Working Stiff: You might transition to a real life, by getting Chatterbowl , the very hip pet bowl that plays your recorded greeting whenever your pet comes to eat or drink.

TFB: Whoa! You mean I could be at a party, and still reassure my beloved PowderPuffFluff in my own voice as though I were actually there in person?

WS: Yep. Thanks to a little Talkbox that sits inside the back of the bowl and removes for cleaning. If you spring for an extra Talkbox or 2, you can leave little love messages (or edicts such as, “Stay OFF the couch!!”) anywhere in the house she may roam. Even helps some pets with separation anxiety.

TFB: Gotta have it. Now when does that dividend check arrive?


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