September 21, 2007

Give a Dog a Phone

The cell phone is just a fact of 21st century life. You wouldn’t dream of letting your teenager wander the streets without one. As a parent you have peace of mind knowing little Herkimer or Ruby can get in touch, and even more important,YOU can find them!

Well now pet owners tracking the beloved family pet can achieve the same peace of mind. Just connect your little darling to a GPS-enabled collar and voila! You have a cell phone for your furry best friend.

Check in just to say, “I love you.” Or track the wanton escapee who hasn’t quite mastered the “come!” command. Rescue that scared kitten hiding in a tree. It not only locates your pet within 1 mile in all directions, it even lets you create your own “fence” that will sound an audible alert if your pet leaves the defined perimeter.

Quite simply, state-of-the-art technology. Track up to 3 pets simultaneously. Requires no installation or third-party services.

Peace of mind knowing you can track them wherever, whenever. The ultimate cell-lution for lost pets.

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