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September 24, 2007

Time to Go!

Poop happens. And wee-wee pads still have issues—wet paws pouncing across your floor, pads that are not environmentally friendly and pads that get chewed and torn by enthusiastic pets. What to do?

Ugodog is an innovative indoor dog potty that provides all the benefits of a dog litter box without any of the mess. Its solid base will support any canine, regardless of size or breed. Grates allow your pet's paws to remain dry as the urine and odor passes through the openings; underneath are pee pads or newspaper, your choice. Translation: cost savings! Solid waste simply settles on the top making clean up easy and mess free.

Ideal for any pet owner who doesn't have a yard, or works long hours and wants her pet to be able to go on its own schedule. It’s a "neat" little pee/poop system at

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