September 27, 2007

Climb the Cat-porate Ladder!

Does your cat aspire to greatness? Destined to reach the top? Then set him up with the one-and-only Stairway to Cat Heaven! This modular cat playground is more than a piece of feline furniture…more than a scratching post…it's a "heavenly" experience for cats and cat owners to share.

The two cozy fur condos provide an intimate little nuzzling spot for cats to get away from it all. Six plush fur hammocks, featuring faux fur for a fabulous feel (try saying that three times fast), offer ample cradling space for resting or snoozing. Carpeted legs are perfect for climbing and scratching while the sturdy support beams are made for walking and jumping. There's even a spring action toy nestled into one of the end caps of the entire stairway. It's so sleek and modular you'll think it's a piece of people furniture.

Give your kitty a chance to climb to his highest potential. Start with just one step…visit catsplay.com

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