September 28
, 2007

Ease the Sorrow of Losing a Loving Pet

DailyKibble.com would first like to say that 'we are so very sorry.' If you have recently lost a pet we understand your sorrow. Saying good-bye to your dear little friend is truly one of the hardest parts of being a pet owner.

One of the greatest ways to deal with this sorrow and begin the healing process can be through a special memorial. The Luxepets Keepsake Collection is a special collection of keepsake items that commemorate the pets we've loved and lost and want to keep in our hearts forever. Log on to luxepets.com and explore the finely-crafted urns, touching remembrance cards, sweet keepsake sachets and soothing sympathy candles.

All wonderfully symbolic ways to celebrate the love you shared with your pet. Begin to ease your own grief or provide real support to someone you know who just lost a pet.


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