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October 4
, 2007

Burning Questions Re:
Burning Carlories

You’ve got a pedometer, sure. Even devout couch potatoes have at least tried…er, considered fitness. Even if only as an intellectual exercise. But who among us has a Pet-ometer?

The burning question, regardless of your physical state: How far has that pet of yours run or walked during the course of his fun-filled, adventure-packed day? Is he taking his “10,000 steps”? Is she getting adequate exercise? Is anyone monitoring those doggie fitness goals?

The Petometer puts an end to all this nagging guesswork. It measures the distance your dog travels in miles, adjusts for any stride length, and has both a clock and step counter. Simply set pet’s weight and stride, clip to your pet’s collar, and the tiny computer will calculate. Adjusts for strides from 4" to 40", for dogs from the tiny 10 lbs. to the giant 330 lbs.

The only remaining burning question: How have you gotten along without it??

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