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October 10, 2007

The Goldilocks of Dog Collars

Some doggie collars just don’t fit. Some are too small. Some are too big. Some are itchy and irritating. Some are just plain blah. But the Cinch-It Collar, as Goldilocks would have said, is juuuuust right!

Using a unique ratchet-and-pawl technology from the skiing and snowboard industry, the Cinch-It Collar adjusts in tiny increments so that your dog gets the perfect fit every time you slip it on. Easier on dog's skin than nylon collars, which adjust by the inch, this revolutionary patented collar micro-adjusts by the millimeter with just a simple click. Never too loose. Never too tight. Locks into place in one simple motion. One-button quick release mechanism.

All kinds of sizes and colors to choose from including lime green, so pink and jet-black. It’s the perfect blend of form, fashion and function. No wonder they call it “Cinch.” Go to

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