October 11, 2007

Must-haves for Your Next Road Trip!

Whether you’re taking a short drive downtown or a long haul cross-country, there's one thing you never skimp on: safety. Kurgo Pet Products take the everyday situation—such as driving in the car with your dog—and devise smart solutions that make the journey more comfortable, simpler and, of course, safer for all.

The Kurgo Auto Zip Line, a safety harness and restraint system for your dog, attaches between the two rear passenger side handles, creating a tether run for the Kurgo dog harness. This secured line allows your dog the freedom of moving around the backseat while providing safety in case of sudden stops.

The Kurgo Backseat Barrier Vehicle Divider creates a strong wall between the front and back seats of the car, keeping your dog safe in the backseat should the car stop quickly. It also restricts excited dogs from moving between the front and back seats of the vehicle.

“Secure” your next outing with your four-legged pal…go to kurgo.com

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