October 12
, 2007

Pure Drinking Pleasure!

Like us humans, cats and dogs are mostly made of water. That’s why discerning pet owners like you choose water-purifying systems in place of what's on tap to keep pets hydrated and healthy.

Nano Silver Pet Water Purifier is a nifty little system that turns tap water into a thing of pure drinking beauty. Its 6-stage filter system efficiently gets rid of the “gunk” —chlorine, impurities and other harmful chemicals. Its sleek silver coating is more than just pretty to look at—it houses a unique technology that kills bacteria on contact. Plus, it’s rust-resistant. The 3-point support stand is solid enough to resist even the most enthusiastic drinker who’s gobbling up H20. Or, attach the system to a wall or crate. It's that versatile.

Quench your thirst to always give your pet the very best there is!


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