October 15, 2008 - SPONSORED E-MAIL

PetCareRx – America’s Most Affordable Pet Pharmacy

We know you want the very best of everything for your little furry friends, feline or canine. And that includes the best of health, meaning no fleas, no ticks, no heartworms. The best – and easiest – way to ensure that? Pet meds from PetCareRx, America’s leading online pet pharmacy.

PetCareRx addresses your every pet medication needs and requirements, serving up the very same EPA and FDA approved pet medications as your BFF’s veterinarian, but at savings of up to 50%. That means top-of-the-line meds, such as Frontline, Advantage tagged as much as half the normal price! Plus, PetCareRx features on-staff vets and pharmacists to answer questions to make online ordering smooth and seamless. They offer free shipping for purchases over $35.

Ordering from PetCareRx also means no more dashing over to Bowser or Kitty’s doctor’s office for last minute replacement meds. Create an online profile with PetCareRx and easy refills are just a click away…. And that translates into the best thing of all: more free time to spend with your fine, healthy, furry friends.


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